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Misconceptions About the Anointing

Today, I am inspired by a bible character whose cautionary tale is usually used as an example of what we (GOD'S ANOINTED LEADERS) should NOT do. Although at one point in time he was a figure of endearment, he quickly became the antagonist of the ever-so-popular books, 1 & 2nd Samuel. How about we take a brief look at this story, and then, we can discuss the beautiful, yet tragic, undertone and message that stood out so clearly to me.

In case you haven't had the realization just yet, I'm speaking of Saul, Israel's first King. Physically, he was a beautiful example of what a king should look like. As a matter of fact, the scripture even states that there wasn't anyone more handsome than him among the sons of Israel. Saul was the high school's Homecoming King, and Student Body President.

Not only was he adored by the people, he was also hand-picked by THE Almighty. I think it's quite interesting, that God allowed Israel to go against his will and desires, yet still aided them in choosing a King. I have to believe as well, that He made the best choice possible, in that He knows our deepest thoughts, desires, and hearts intent.

But, there was something particularly unusual about the day Saul was presented to the twelve tribes as their King. Picture it: Samuel sends out a massive invitation to Israel, asking that they meet with the Lord at Mizpah. Samual gives a convicting speech about how they have betrayed the Lord by asking for a King, and then he begins the process of revealing who that King is.

Maybe you and I don't have the same sense of humor, but I found it quite comical that when they announced his name, "SAUL, SON OF KISH!" he was nowhere to be found. Imagine the people apprehensively awaiting their newly proclaimed King, followed by... nothing. Nothing, but a long/drawn out silence, and maybe a few whispers here and there. However, they soon realized through word of mouth, that Saul had hidden himself among the supplies. I mean, they didn't have microphones back then, so you know there were a few painfully awkward moments of yelling back and forth as to his where-about's. The bible says that the people had to go find him and "bring" him to the front.

This had to be a little embarrassing. But, I had to ask myself this question, "Did Saul want to be King? Was he afraid?" I wondered if he felt unprepared and thrown off by the situation. I mean no one can really talk about what wasn't actually recorded and written in history, but I couldn't help but wonder. Honestly the only thing we can do is look at the outcome. In the end, Saul's disobedience and pride is what got him dethroned and, worst of all, rejected by YAWEH.

Like many of us, King Saul allowed people's opinions and HIS PRIDE to be of greater importance than HIS OBEDIENCE to the one who placed him in office as Israel's King.

Wait!! Wait!! Wait!! SO... did God make a mistake? No. The error will always be on Israel for coveting the regime of other nations. Right? The next question would then be, how could GOD'S HAND-PICKED ANOINTED ONE make so many calamitous mistakes? It's simple. ANOINTING DOES NOT EQUAL MATURITY. ANOINTING DEMANDS RESPONSIBILITY and a few other things.

So many times we look at the anointing on the lives of others, and think that because they are anointed, they are mature. But the truth is, an anointed person is only a human being with a Power Ranger's suit on. As soon as they leave the platform, they must continue to make daily decisions to follow and trust God, and sometimes they miss it. Sometimes WE miss it. We can get so caught up in what God does THROUGH US, that we forget about the work that needs to continuously be done IN US.

We are misguided if we believe that the anointing has some sort of cancelling affect, giving us a free pass to live without boundaries. We sometimes feel that since we had an anointed, and powerful service, that character can be ignored. But I would encourage the reader to take a quick glance at 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12. This scripture has been speaking to me all week and it is sure to speak to you.

As you read this today, my hope and prayer is that you feel challenged and convicted. I even feel the sweet conviction of the Holy Spirit as I write this.

Every once in a while, we need a little bit of a course correction. That's what this message/blog is for me. It's a wake-up call. Some of us need to stop assuming people walk in the same level of maturity as they do the anointing. And some of us need to pick up our daily cross again and continue forward, asking the Holy Spirit to enable us to live a life worthy of the call -- 2 Thessalonians 1:11.

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