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The Presence of Greatness

I sat on a workout machine this morning inhaling the steam ascending from my own body. I was tired. Haha. Come to think of it, I have NEVER worked that hard in my entire (neglected) gym-life. I was sorry, I was weak and I was stalling. I looked to my left and a woman, who seemed to be in just as bad of shape as me, walked in. When I saw her, an unusual awareness overcame me and I suddenly felt a sense of security. It was like I didn't feel so bad about my level of fitness anymore. I knew she and I were the same and we (although there was no "we") were in this together.

Was it wrong for me to size her up, or should I say down? I don't know, but the Holy Spirit quickly jumped to the occasion and used that moment to uncover my own insecurities. It may have been that I felt better around someone who was just as good as me or worse. However, the real issue was that I also felt insecure around a level of greatness that I hadn't acquired myself. Is that you too, or is it just me?

I think all of us feel a bit insignificant around a certain group of people who seem to have it ALL together. We like to puff ourselves up, and dress ourselves up so that perhaps others perceptions of us will reflect what we want, and not what we are. On other occasions, we get a quiet thrill out of hearing about other people's humanity, especially the great ones. Don't get offended. I'm only unmasking my own heart, not yours.

Why am I talking about this? I'm talking about this because I believe far too many of us miss out on beneficial relationships because we're simply intimidated, or too prideful to listen with our mouths shut. We don't know how to manage the God-relationships in our lives that are meant for our growth, advancement and purpose. I want you to ask yourself the following question:

Who, in my life, am I unwilling to bow to?

"WHOA ... Wait a minute!! I only bow to and reverence the ALMIGHTY GOD," you might say.

Ok.. Well then, let me rephrase that for the mighty-spiritual people, like myself. Who are you not allowing to speak into your life, to get close to you, to look you in the eye, or to see your humanity? Another question I'd like to ask you is, who are you friends with simply because they make you feel better about staying where you are?

Did you know that you're taking up space in their lives and they are taking up space in yours? I know this is a harsh post, but I'm at a point in my life to where I feel as though I need mentors. And, I know that having a successful mentor/mentee relationship will mean hanging around someone who is better at life then I am. It will mean allowing a GREATNESS to call my averageness up to a higher level.

I know I didn't assign an actual scripture for this post, but we can definitely take a lesson from Jesus' relationship with the devout, simon-pure Jewish leaders at the time. We all know that apart of God’s plan was to reconcile ALL to himself as his children, but the question does arise. What if those Jews had accepted him? What if they were not intimidated by his greatness and allowed him to disciple them? What would it have looked like had their more enlightened minds been captivated by, and adjoined with the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Love Of God?

I would agree that the actual events allowed for the qualification of those who were to come. But, the question illuminates possibilities far too great to be over-looked in our own lives. What if you allow someone greater than you to walk with you? What if you became comfortable with greatness, because greatness awaits you?

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