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When in Transition 1.0

Transitional seasons are often the most uncomfortable seasons we face in life. In my life, transitions usually occur when I have finally found contentment and satisfaction in a particular place or space. It's almost as if God is waiting for me to get comfortable so he can change things up again:). Now, mind you, this logic does NOT apply to everything that happens, but I will admit that I've seen this repetitive pattern more than a few times in my journey. Does anyone else feel this way?

For most of us though, what we do during those times of transition will dictate whether or not we even get to the other side of the transition. It may also dictate where we land on the other side of the transition. I believe that the seasons of transition, short or long, are often just as important as the landing-pad-seasons on either side. If you agree with me then the following questions are especially valid: What do you do when in transition? How do you carry yourself during seasons of transition? What is most important during seasons of transition?

Ya know, the intense feelings of uncertainty during these seasons have the power to unearth certain insecurities in our own hearts. When in transition, you might notice the temptation to hold your cards close... or to say NO to everything. You may feel as though you only have enough faith to ride in the boat with a few other disciples, but not enough to step out and walk on the water with Jesus. You will probably notice an onslaught of fearful thoughts clothed in practicality. When in transition, you feel stingy; stingy with your faith, stingy with your time, stingy with your money, and stingy with your gifts. If you're not careful, you'll forget that transition is more than just the end of a season. It's also the beginning of a new one.

So.....? What do you do in transition? You finish well. You continue to give. You continue to serve, and you remain pliable. Don't allow fear to stunt your growth and stop your "SERVE." Moreover, allow the anticipation for the unfolding plan of God to fuel your "SERVE." I know... this is easier said than done. But what isn't easier said than done? (probably eating donuts?)

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember that when you're serving you're doing more than serving; you're PLANTING SEEDS. These seeds are important, because these seeds represent your future harvest of faithful, hard-working people that you may soon rely on to help you build YOUR VISION. This can be tough especially when serving someone you may not completely agree with.

Do you serve under someone who doesn't suit your leadership style? Are you having to give your time and hard work to a program or event that you feel could be done better? Well... while you're there, learning at their expense, plant seeds of faithfulness that are going to aid you when its YOUR TURN TO LEAD. Sometimes that's what its all about and we've got to ask the lord to help us recognize our purpose in seasons of transition.

I'm always humored by how much we're able to sacrifice in the gym for a beautifully sculpted body, or how many years we spend in school for a degree. We buy into the dream and when things are hard we say things like, "Do what you have to now so you can do what you want to later." We have and put so much faith in our own works and none in the sovereignty of God.

Can I encourage you? Keep serving. Continue to trust God. I know you haven't seen the benefits or the outcome of your sacrifice and obedience yet, but you will. I believe that God is working while we're sleeping and working while we're working, but we've got to stay encouraged. We've got to stay faithful, knowing and continually reminding ourselves that he who began a GOOD WORK in us is MORE THAN able to complete it.

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