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Dear Leah (2.0) Your Pain has a Purpose!

"Dear Leah,

I wish you could see it now; the promise. It's astonishing. I know your sight was clouded by the shadow of insecurity, cast by the absence of your husband's love. However, in the midst of it all, God connected you, Leah, to the most fascinating promise; not to mention your responsibility for six of the twelve tribes of Israel. You have taught me that sometimes the most beautiful things come through the most painful circumstances."

When we're smack dab in the middle of a painful process, it can be very difficult for even the most faithful christians to see God's involvement. We can become frustrated, scared, selfish and often times, competitive with other people. We may even forget about God's best and begin measuring our lives by other's best; making sure our lives measure out to be just above theirs at all times.

This is probably one of the enemy's most successful tactics. Not only does he want us to be limited to other people's best, he wants us to completely miss out on what God is fabricating and putting together in OUR lives. Think about it. All Leah could see was what her sister had, and what she didn't have. Isn't that sad? She completely missed out on the most beautiful part of her story. She was given six sons and Rachel was only given two.

She could have been overwhelmed and overtaken by the bountiful blessings of God in her life, but she was overwhelmed and overtaken by jealousy and competition with her sister. Even after giving birth to her last son, Zebulun, the bible writes that Leah was still yearning for her husband's honor. (Genesis 30:19-20)

Can I tell you something? You DO NOT want to miss out on what God's doing by focusing on what others are NOT doing. He is the judge! He is God and he makes all things just. While Leah was trying to connect to her husband, God was connecting her to the lineage of Jesus Christ through her fourth son, Judah. She did not realize that her pain was her point of connection to the greatest story in the history of God and man. Her pain was her game changer.

This brings me to my next point. So many times, Leah thought that God was finally jumping on her bandwagon of success; that he was finally aiding her in HER plan to gain Jacob's love. And for so many of us, this is our current mindset. We think God is interested in OUR blueprints for self-validation and vindication. However, instead of becoming apart of our carnal-minded plan, God is grafting us into HIS plan. WOW.. that's powerful!

You MUST grasp this now:

1. God is connecting you all to something far greater than yourselves. Throw away your blueprints NOW and surrender your current situation to GOD!

2. Do NOT be distracted by the absence of the things the world says we need. God knows exactly what we need and whatHE'S doing. It's as simple as that. GOD IS IN CONTROL.

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