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Forgetful People

Forgetful People

I am often times amazed by my ability to forget. I forget names, people, events, feelings that are both special and insignificant. Forgetfulness can be a good thing, especially when the forgotten things are negative or harmful. However, forgetfulness can also be dangerous. Synonyms of the word are carelessness, or neglect. But, when is forgetfulness dangerous? It’s not like we forget things on purpose, right? Well, that may be the case. However, we could also look at it this way. The things we are not intentional about remembering, we intentionally forget.

Tough, huh? I thought so too. Just the other day I was talking with a friend, and a past situation was brought up. My intent was to tell a story that ended victoriously; one that showcased my growth and maturity in a situation. But, somehow, us girls went of on a rabbit trail and I found myself crying and saying things about my best friend (Jesus) that I never intended to say. I said things like,

Me whining: “If I were encouraging someone else in this situation, I would give them a nice little scripture and tell them God was with them. But the truth is, in the deepest part of my being, I can’t look back at that event and say that God protected me at all.”

Sometimes, when I look back at moments like this, I wonder why God even still speaks to me. When I was done with my entitled pity party, I was so embarrassed. I’d seen, within my own self, a dessert-wandering Israelite. And I was going to wander around in circles until I intentionally remembered what I had intentionally forgotten.

I needed to become an intentional rememberer. I bet you didn’t know that was a word. Yep! It’s in the dictionary. How do we intentionally remember? It’s simple. WRITE IT DOWN. Now, calm down. I’m not telling everyone to become an intense journaler, but I am challenging everyone to write down the answered prayers, and to document his blessings.

Think about it. Each of the two times Moses went up to the top of the mountain, God made sure his commandments were written down. The second time Moses went up the mountain, the bible says that God wrote on the tablets with his own finger. Why? So they would REMEMBER. We are a forgetful people, but guess what? The things that are documented can NEVER be forgotten.

Can I challenge you today? Count your blessings. The word remember can be broken down like so: re – (expressing intense force) + Latin memor (mindful).

I want to challenge you to forcefully, intentionally and willfully BE MINDFUL.

“Remember the come-throughs

Remember the rescues.

Remember his embrace.

Remember his willingness to chase

His willingness to purchases you through such an unfair transaction by giving his perfect Son.”

Remember that you woke up this morning with breath in your lungs. REMEMBER… OH ISREAL.. REMEMBER YOUR SAVIOR.


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